Ned Baylis N.C. (Arb).   Specialist Tree Services

Tree Work


Insurance and qualification details are available at any time upon request.


During initial consultation we endeavour to make sure that all aspects of the job are properly discussed and that everyone understands the work that is required.


We will make sure that any legal matters such as conservation areas, TPO’s (Tree Preservation Orders) and felling licence’s are made clear and applied for accordingly. All tree work meets BS 3998.


We are happy working from ground level to hundreds of feet up a cliff. All the work is finished to the highest standard as jobs done well are done by people who enjoy their work!


Services Provided:


  Tree surgery including-


      Crown reductions

      Crown thinning

      Crown lifting

      Dead wood removal

      Pruning from buildings, cables etc.


  Tree dismantling


  Woodland management including-





      Felling work

      Boundary maintainance


  Loader tractor / timber winch for hire


  County tractor with Boughton winch


  Wood chipper hire


  Valtra + grab trailer


  Cliff face / embankment clearance


  Cliff face / embankment safety work


  Hedge trimming and shaping

Contact Information:


Telephone  -  0797 631 3779

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